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Why pre-book?
May 06, 2016 / 0 comments

Avoid disappointment! Popular activates sell-out fast particularly in the height of season. If you’re only going to visit a destination once, make sure you don’t miss out!

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(English) Winter Solstice Is Coming—Year’s Shortest Day Explained
Dec 21, 2016 / 1 comment

عفوا، هذه المدخلة موجودة فقط في الإنجليزية الأمريكية.

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The best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
Sep 09, 2016 / 0 comments

In Sharm el-Sheikh, there are dozens of restaurants witha wide range of kitchen:. Mexican, Indian, Italian, Japanese, etc. Many places specialize in seafood dishes, which

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Averages for Sharm El Sheikh in October
Sep 09, 2016 / 0 comments

Weather lowdown October is a good time of year to visit Sharm el-Sheikh, for while the daily weather is hot, it is not as excessively

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Diving with the best team
Sep 09, 2016 / 0 comments

If you want an amazing diving trip, full of adventure and underwater excitement, then Egypt is the place to go. The Red Sea gets its

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