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About Sharm el Sheikh from expert :)
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Where to go in sharm:

from my experience of being in sharm el sheikh for the last 17 years, I can give you my advices for the places you can enjoy and visit as one of the locals:)

sharm has 5 areas to visit:

Nabq area
sharkes bay area
Naama bay
Old Market

Nabq area:
it is the most modern area in sharm and most of the 5 stars hotels located there from economy 5 stars to deluxe 5 stars like rixos hotels
it is only one main road divided nabq into sea view hotels and mountain view hotels and most of the big hotels have on both sides with the same name as resort on the mountain view and the other one beach side.

in nabq you can find the new and biggest hard rock cafe in Egypt with parties in the night and restaurant during the day and evening, you can find also lots of British pubs and bars , lots of restaurants like sea food restaurant Indian and Chinese restaurants , kfc, MacDonald’s …
if you would like to buy from super market the best deal will be either ragab’s sons or metro supermarket with all the European stuff and fixed prices for everyone locals and tourists.
there is a big shopping area calls al khan and la strada where you can find lots of different shops and restaurants and kids activities

sharkes bay area

you can go from nabq to sharkes bay area by shuttle micro bus blue and white for the locals for 5 Egyptian pounds each it is about 10 minutes ride or by taxi blue and white for 30 LE per car (please avoid getting into private cars not with the sign of taxi)

All the area behind the airport it calls sharkes bay so there are regular taking off and landing sights every day.

in sharkes bay there is sharkes bay beach for public and you can pay there around 50 LE to use the beach and towel and sun bed too and enjoying the best snorkelling in that bay and coral reef.

there is Soho Square which considered the class level shopping area and entertainments it is basically a street between 2 hotels Savoy and sierra hotels . in Soho you can find the musical fountain and the ice bar same like in London, ice skating and live show and lots of cafes and restaurants like Ukrainian, sea food, Lebanese, steak house , Indian , Chinese ,Thai and food courts too.

Naama bay

on the way from sahrkes bay to naama bay you can find the el salaam mosque and directly after that you can find the Hollywood park, where you can find the biggest musical fountain in sharm bigger than the one of Soho and live show, restaurants , shops and lots of figures for shooting pictures and dinosaurs so big and loud sounds:) but do not worry they are not real:)
from Soho to naama bay about 15 minutes ride same price again bus 5 LE taxi 40 LE
naama bay is the original centre of sharm and it has a very nice promenade on the front of most of the hotels in naama where you can take a walk and enjoy the smell of the sea and flowers.
all restaurants you can find in naama bay and international chains like pizza hut , TGI Fridays and another hard rock café and little Buda night club where you can get the best sushi ever (please contact us for reservations) and you can find the pacha night club with an open air area same like the pacha in Ibiza in Spain.
In Naama bay you will find lots of casinos which are allowed only for tourists and not Egyptians
lots of cafés and shisha corners (water pipes) and live shows too it is the centre of the city. it is open till very late in the night till 4 am.


hadaba is the 4th area where you can find all kinds of hotels from 2 stars till 5 superior hotels like Ritz Carlton and Marriott 2 big attractions in Hadaba
Alf Leila wa Leila ( fantasia) it looks like the ancient castle of Allaa el dien and Arab countries and has live show inside first sound and light show about the hole whole story of Egypt in different languages depends on the day( please check with sharmwithease.com for the booking and languages) then you have belly dancing show horse ridding show camel show and there are some restaurants and many shops too it is funny to spend an evening there:)
the second attraction is the shopping area IL Mercado where you can find lots of shops with brands and cafés too and restaurants and Mac and kfc .

old market :
from hadaba to old market about 15 minutes walking down and old market or old sharm there are traditional place for locals and tourists for Egyptian food , shops for fruits and vegetables, barbers, butchers and many other shops and there is a daily live show there too.

Please for any further info you might need about sharm please feel free to contact us on






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