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The best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh
Sep 09, 2016 / Comments Off on The best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

In Sharm el-Sheikh, there are dozens of restaurants witha wide range of kitchen:. Mexican, Indian, Italian, Japanese, etc. Many places specialize in seafood dishes, which are very popular among tourists. The best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh different quality food, high level of service and pleasant atmosphere.

Best Seafood Restaurants Restaurant «Fares», untitled by their namesfounder, renowned for its excellent seafood dishes. From a small restaurant in the old town it has grown to a large and popular places. Patency of his large, so there is no doubt the freshness of the products offered. The undoubted highlight of the restaurant is a seafood soup (Sea Food Soup). All meals are not prepared in advance. Bread is baked here. Gourmet Paradise Huge selection of meat dishes, includingdifferent kebabs can be found in «El Masrein» restaurant menu. Meals are prepared using very young and tender meat. It also prepared a variety of dishes from poultry meat: chicken, duck. A baked stuffed pigeon is considered the national dish.

During all 11 years of its existencerestaurant bar holds the most stable in terms of quality of food and service of the restaurant. Freshly baked bread and snacks Arab attached to any order dishes for free. The restaurant is always crowded, so it will be not the best place for a romantic evening. But it is convenient for gatherings with friends. Originally from Italy «Pomodoro» Restaurant is the onlyrestaurant on the territory of Sharm el-Sheikh, where they prepare for – authentic Italian food. The restaurant is located in the center of Naama Bay. But, despite its very favorable position, the price of food here is quite acceptable. For a small fee visitors can relax in the pleasant surroundings. On sale there are also a variety of alcoholic beverages. with the best view Meals Restaurants «Tandoori» and «Camel Bar» canpresent as a common institution. The restaurant offers a full menu of European and Indian cuisine. At the same time visitors «Camel Bar» have an opportunity to order meals from the aforementioned restaurants. The bar itself is renowned for its terrace. All in all, it includes three levels. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the promenade in the city, so this level is almost always packed with visitors.


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