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10 Reasons Why Travelling Is A Good Thing
May 06, 2016 / التعليقات على 10 Reasons Why Travelling Is A Good Thing مغلقة

Travel is something most all of us want to do, but only a few of us actually do. Resources, time and responsibility keep us from it, but if you learned the multiple benefits of taking a vacation, you might acquire the motivation to find a way to take a trip!

We are positive this list could be longer, but these are the few that we find significant.

  1. Empowerment
    Being in another country can be more liberating than daunting. Learning how to navigate through unfamiliar territory and finding your own identity can make your self-confidence skyrocket. You’ll learn more about yourself than you can ever imagine.
  2. Eye-opening experiences
    Whether it’s walking the Great Wall of China, climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour in Australia or watching sunrise at Giza in Egypt, travelling will expose you to a lot of new experiences and you’ll step outside of your comfort zone during time off from work. An essential thing for personal development and growth is experiencing new things and creating a story to tell.
  3. Make your own decisions
    Travelling, especially after a period of stress can help you recharge your batteries, help you have some much-needed down time and make you feel replenished.
  4. Meet new people
    Chances are you’ll encounter many other people, such as guests, colleagues and locals, who are travelling, meaning a lot of scope for making new friends. You’ll meet all sorts of inspiring people from different backgrounds, whether that’s other travellers or locals.
  5. Finding yourself
    As well as discovering all the wonders of the world, time in another country will be a voyage of self-discovery. You can allow time for reflection and figure out your life and make you realise what you take for granted.
  6. Enjoy your own company
    Nothing’s better than the freedom to do what you want when you want when you do get time off. Visit places that you long to see, eat at the places you want to eat…the possibilities are endless.
  7. Boost career prospects
    Travelling can be beneficial to you in your professional life as well as your personal life. Now you understand why people take gap years. Travelling provides you with a training ground for improving interpersonal and communication skills and shows that you’re open to change. These are essential skills for life.
  8. More stories to tell
    Travelling will help you create more meaningful experiences and have memories that will last longer. You’ll get to embellish your travel tales all you want when you’re talking to friends and family back home, because there’s no one to check the facts.
  9. Budgeting
    During your days off, everyone spends differently whilst travelling. But it’s easier to figure out a budget for a trip and plan accordingly with spending money when you do have your time off. You’ll spend however much or however little you want.
  10. Learn new things
    You’ll learn about history and culture, new languages, discover new neighbourhoods and gain first-hand experience of the local culture.

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